Apresa records telephone calls from the Unify OpenScape (Hipath) 4000. The following also applies to OpenScape 3000 and OpenScape Voice.

Active Recording
One of the options is CSTA Active Recording. Apresa takes part in a call (like a third party) to create a recording. This works with an automated conference call setup in the PBX. See the picture below.

CSTA Active Recording with Apresa

Passive Recording
Passive Recording means that the call recorder is not involved (as a participant) in the call, but only receives copies of call data to create recordings. During a call, VoIP data is sent between the PBX and the VoIP provider. This VoIP data is copied to the call recorder by port mirroring (also known as SPAN).

CSTA Passive Recording
Passive recording can be improved by receiving additional data from the PBX about the call (call signaling data). This is done using CSTA communication between the Unify OpenScape and Apresa. The PBX needs to be configured for this. The picture below shows CSTA External Passive Recording. External Passive Recording is also called recording on the trunk. External means that the Apresa is not connected in between the PBX and the phones.

CSTA Passive Recording with Apresa

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