Call Recorder SINGLE IIThe Call Recorder Single II records analog audio and is designed to be connected to just about every model of telephone to record. It can record from analog phones, from digital phones or from a microphone. Recording from digital phones is done by connecting the recorder between the phone and the handset, to record analog audio from that source.

The Call Recorder Single II product range has been designed for the personal desktop. The recorder is specifically intended for people who need to listen to their own calls frequently.

The Single II is easy to connect and has an almost unlimited recording capacity. With its network connectivity and proven reliability the Call Recorder Single II is the ideal solution for recording a single telephone, radio station or other audio source. Recordings can be started and stopped manually or automatically, and can be safeguarded against unauthorised playback with a password or the optional CryptoCard set.

HD 9900
The Call Recorder Single HD9900 is a recorder that saves up to 20.700 hours of recording time. The main advantage is the enormous recording capacity, sufficient for a number of years. The Call Recorder HD 9900 can also be supplied with an SD card option and archiving software. With its large internal storage capacity, network connection and SD card, this recorder can be used for almost any application.

Flash 10
The Call Recorder Single Flash is used when keeping recordings for a long time is only occasionally necessary. This model has enough memory for 10 hours recording time. There are two versions of this call Recorder:
• Call Recorder Flash with 10 hours recording time
• Call Recorder Flash with SD card option and archiving software.

The Call Recorder Single II is equipped with an IC Card reader. Using the CryptoCard, available as an option, the recordings can be encrypted. Without a corresponding CryptoCard and pin code the encrypted recordings cannot be played back. This is not only a professional way to protect the calls, but is especially useful to protect the privacy of the people involved.


• Network connection
• Internal speaker
• Optional Encryption (CryptoCards)
• Optional Call Recorder Access Software
• Optional Araña web interface
• Optional SD Interface, SD card, Quick SD Access software