Thank you for purchasing a quality product from Vidicode. Our products are developed to meet high standards in both quality and technology. To further ensure quality, we grant you, the final customer, a 12 month warranty on our products in accordance with the following conditions. You are entitled to make use of this warranty in the case of defects in materials or workmanship in the product you have purchased. The warranty provided is based on a voluntary obligation of Vidicode as the manufacturer to the initial purchasers of new devices.

The warranty begins on the final day of production of the product. Please note that warranty claims can only be asserted by presenting the original purchase receipt or the original delivery note. Therefore, always keep your purchase receipt or your delivery note together with the warranty documents. The receipt/note has to state the product name and the product identification number. Warranty claims must be asserted immediately following the discovery of the fault to the sales or service partner, or to the Vidicode help desk.

Unless regulated in some other manner, the warranty covers all material and labour defects which occur in the respective warranty period. Defects that are caused by improper use are excluded from the warranty. Proper operation is understood to be operation of the product under the conditions described in the operating manual or documentation of the product. The warranty is limited to the manufacture of the hardware features and the condition of the original product prior to the defect. For this it is sufficient when the affected product fulfils the test requirements in accordance with the Vidicode specifications for the original product in accordance with the product data sheet. The warranty of Vidicode does not include the restoration of customer data.

The warranty shall be carried out by repair or exchange at the discretion of Vidicode. Defective parts shall be replaced with new parts where there are material and/or processing faults. If necessary, the entire product shall be exchanged with an identical or functionally identical product. The defective parts removed from a product as part of a warranty case shall become the property of Vidicode. For genuine Vidicode parts used in warranty cases, only the remaining warranty period of the repair device applies, should these parts be installed in a Vidicode product. Warranty services shall be provided by Vidicode or authorised service partners only.

The following points are not covered by the warranty:

– minor defects or deviations from the product specifications, that are immaterial or negligible as
regards to the value or the functioning of the product
– by force majeure (lightning, floods, war, etc.)
– by dirt or contamination
– by extraordinary environmental influences (excess voltage, magnetic fields, etc.)
– by other circumstances of which Vidicode is not responsible

Any claims of the party entitled to the warranty not expressly named in these warranty conditions are excluded, in as much as no mandatory legal obligation or liability exists for Vidicode according to the applicable laws of the respective country. This is also true with regard to claims to the replacement of subsequent damage, lost profits, data or information loss or damage as the result of an interruption in operation. The warranty is subject to the applicable laws of the country in which the product was initially purchased by the final customer from the dealer, and must be interpreted in agreement with these laws. The agreement on contracts for the international sale of merchandise shall not be applied.