See the Apresa documentation page for detailed information about the features of the Apresa.


Are you new to Call Recorder Apresa? This youtube video will help you getting started.

At Vidicode we believe that a customer should know exactly what he is buying and should not be confronted with additional costs for much needed “extra features”. This is why APRESA is developed around the concept that all needed functionality should be built into the system. The APRESA solution is scalable to any size of organisation. The Call Recorder APRESA is therefore the ideal recording solution for trunk or extension recording of SIP/VoIP, ISDN PRI (E1/T1), TDM, Analog and Audio (e.g. radio) communication. In addition APRESA is also compatible with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.
Are you looking for a cost-effective way to record calls at multiple locations and store the recordings centrally? See our Apresa and V-Taps solution.

The APRESA system can be supplied in a number of variants:

Apresa Server
Apresa Server

APRESA Server (rack equipment):

This is a Vidicode supplied server system pre-installed with all needed hardware. This server solution can be fitted with multiple extra options like RAID1 or RAID10, redundant power supply, swappable back-up HDD and alarm switch for external audio or visual alarms. This standard unit can handle a mix of all inputs possible on an APRESA system.

Apresa Compact

Apresa Compact Server for VoIP

APRESA Compact Server for VoIP channels:

This version of the APRESA Compact Server is built around a small cabinet. It is supplied for VoIP recording and can record 5 or 10 simultaneous channels. It is possible to buy additional licenses to record up to 10 channels in total. Storage capacity: up to 150.000 hours.

Apresa Software
Apresa Software

APRESA Software-only:

Base software and licenses and (if needed) recording cards are supplied by Vidicode for local installation. The Software-only solution allows you to install the APRESA recorder on a virtual machine or on other preferred locally sourced hardware. But also when recording cards are needed in the system for recording TDM digital, E1/T1 or Analog, the cards can be shipped and the software can be downloaded. Installing the software on the desired system is straightforward and includes the Linux OS.



Apresa Standard 1U Server
Apresa Standard 1U Server
Apresa Super Micro 1U Server
Apresa Super Micro 1U Server
Apresa Webinterface




• Record telephone calls and video meetings
• Screen recording
• Manage and listen to recordings in the web interface
• Assign permissions per user or user group
• Free seating
• Store on demand (audio & screen)
• Ideal for GDPR, MIFID II and PCI-DSS compliance
• Call commenting
• Statistics for analysis in graph or .csv
• Quick and easy search interface
• Fingerprinting SHA-2
• Full Disk Encryption
• Communication Encryption (HTTPS)
• Multi-tenancy
• Per-tenant Encryption
• Automatic backup to NAS
• Automatic system check
• Records SIP/VoIP, ISDN PRI (E1/T1), TDM, Analog and radio communication


• Agent Evaluation Module
• Raid 1 or Raid 10 option
• Redundant power supply

Visit the Apresa documentation page for more information about the features of the Apresa.



Where to buy the Apresa

This product is mainly sold via resellers, who can advise you before purchase. The Apresa is a cost effective solution that is highly customable to your specific needs. Our resellers can advise you on this. They will also assist you to install the Apresa server in your environment and offer you first line support.

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Recording telephone calls, radio or other audio is used as an integrated part of business or security strategy. In some cases it is obligatory, in other cases it may be used for reference, training, quality management or security reasons, but in all cases it should work reliably. Since you are reading this we assume you know the reasons for this in your organisation. With the APRESA system, Vidicode brings a recorder platform that can match with all others where it comes to the desired reliability, but builds this reliability in a surprisingly cost effective package.