7/7/2021 Important: The previous versions of software products Oygo, V-Archive and Pico do not start after the previous Office 365 update. See Software Problems for the solutions. There are updates available on the Vidicode Software page.
  7-7-2021 Belangrijk: De oude versies van software producten Oygo, V-Archive and Pico starten niet na de vorige Office 365 update. Zie Softwareproblemen (Engels) voor de oplossingen. Er zijn updates beschikbaar op de Vidicode Software pagina.

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Warranty and RMA procedure information

Please fill out the Support Request Form if you have a product related question to which you can’t find the answer in the manual. The Support desk needs to know the specifications of your product: (name, serial number, etc). Please fill out the same form if you want more information about one or more of Vidicode’s products. Our products are developed to meet high standards in both quality and technology. Should there be something wrong with it anyway, please read our warranty information for a better understanding of your rights. Should a Vidicode product be Defective On Arrival, please read the RMA Procedure and contact your dealer.

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