Your telephone recordings stored on an SD card

The V-Tap ISDN BRI or PRI is a hardware and software solution for the recording of telephone calls. The supplied hardware unit can record the audio from an ISDN 2 or 30 line with S0 or E1 interface. The recorded calls are stored onto an SD card in WAV files, and therefore the V-Tap ISDN BRI or PRI can operate stand-alone. The content of the SD card can be sent optionally over the network, in which case the data is wrapped into a special Tunnel-format that can be received by the Call Recorder Apresa (running on Linux) or by the V-Archive software (running on a Windows PC). The external Apresa recorder or V-Archive software can both interpret the Tunnel-format and make playable audio files from it, together with the original date, time and call number information.

The use of an SD card is mandatory and must be FAT32 formatted. The recorded data is stored in WAV file format on the card. Depending on whether a Tunnel has been defined or not, the files are sent over the network or can be read later by the V-Archive software.

The V-Tap ISDN can operate completely stand-alone and when the capacity of the SD card is big enough, it can store data for weeks or even months.

Connection to a V-Tap ISDN is made with a network cable or by using Wi-Fi, when available. The web interface can be accessed by using a browser.