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The Fax Server PRI is a true corporate Fax Server for the demanding customer. The PRI is usually connected directly to the trunk lines completely independent of the telephone switch (PBX). In fact, when faxes come in over the ISDN trunk lines the Fax Server will pick them up even before the PBX knows there is an incoming call. Installing the Fax Server on the trunk line also saves the need for internal analogue lines usually needed to connect standard fax machines.

Incoming faxes
The Fax Server can be used to redirect incoming faxes automatically. This Automatic inbound fax routing – Using an ISDN line and MSN (Multiple subscriber numbers) trunks, users can be assigned personal fax numbers without having to install physical fax lines for each number. The number of the line is passed to the Fax Server upon receiving the fax, and it will automatically reroute the fax to the corresponding user. “Unified messaging” at its best. An organisation could easily have a separate fax number for each department or even each person. This process is completely transparent to the sender.

Fax server software
Like all Fax Servers the Fax Server PRI is supplied with an unlimited software license, it does not matter whether you use the Fax Server with 10 people or 100. This means…no hidden costs afterwards.

No more paper
Using the Fax Server for all fax traffic will also eliminate the need for paper archiving. The Fax Server will automatically archive every incoming or outgoing fax digitally. The moment it is connected the power of fax integration with your network will become clear. Faxes can be sent and received from the employees PC’s by e-mail or with the supplied software.

Notification message for dedicated faxing FS_Pri_Blue_Line
What if you have a Fax Server ISDN II or PRI, but it isn’t possible, or too costly, to buy extension numbers. Your problem will be that you can’t have dedicated fax numbers in that situation. Vidicode has found a solution. The fax selector notification.Fax Server PRI Improving Fax traffic in difficult situations for more reliable communication. With the fax selector notification it is possible to send a fax message to the e-mail address linked to a virtual extension number, based on the entered DTMF code by the sender. A fax message meant for mister Brown can be sent directly to his e-mail, simply by pressing Mr. Brown’s extension number after the Notification message given by the fax server.

How does it work?
Quite simple. The sender dials the company’s global fax number (He will have to put his fax on speaker or use the handset). He listens to the notification; for instance: “Dial 1 for the legal department, Mr Green, dial ‘2’ for the legal department, Mr Black”, then the sender dials ‘1’. The fax will be sent to Mr Green’s e-mail address connected to that code. This way faxes will always be delivered at the right person or department, the risk of the wrong eyes reading a fax message is diminished to virtually zero, and a lot of time is won.

The Fax Server PRI
• Fax Server PRI, 1 port, 16 fax channels and 1.500.000 fax pages (Article no: 020.01950)