The ideal and simple way to record your important calls.

Recording mobile phones can be a hassle. If your demand is to record the calls when you want them to be recorded and you want to be in control, the Mobile Phone Recorder is the ideal solution. The Mobile Phone Recorder easily fits in your pocket, so always ready for use.

Call Recorder Mobile
Call Recorder Mobile


– No need for app or data connection
– Simple to connect and remove
– Record on demand via a simple slide switch
– Can also be used as memo-recorder
– Approx 20 hours recording time
– 144 hours recording capacity (4GB).
– 99 individual recording files in memory
– VOX, voice operation mode.
– Play back via recorder
– Play back on any PC / Laptop
– Charging time is approximately 2.5 hours
– Includes USB cable and wired remote control
– Includes earphones for private listening
– No need to have a subscription
– No need to record always
– Simply plug the recorder into your phone and start recording!

Call Recorder Mobile
Call Recorder Mobile
Call Recorder Mobile
Call Recorder Mobile