Virtual V-Tap is PC software to record VoIP telephone calls. It captures VoIP data from an IP network. You can store the recordings using the Call Recorder Apresa or the V-Archive software on a PC.

Virtual V-Tap Virtual V-Tap
V-Archive V-Archive


Packet Capture Driver

You’ll need a driver for this solution to work. WinPcap is for Windows 7 and 8. Win10Pcap is for Windows 10.




Virtual V-Tap and archiving on a PC

When you choose to record calls on a PC and archive recordings on another PC, you’ll need:
• Virtual V-Tap (on your PC)
• V-Archive (on another PC)
• WinPcap or Win10Pcap (driver)
• One license for upload to the PC

In this case, you install V-Archive on the PC where all recordings should be managed and listened to. Virtual V-Tap sends data over the network to the V-Archive on this PC. V-Archive can accept data from more than one Virtual V-Tap. This way you can build a complete call recording solution for your office, with one central database of recordings, stored by V-Archive.

For every Virtual V-Tap that uploads to V-Archive, you’ll need one “license for upload to the PC”.


Virtual V-Tap and archiving with the Call Recorder Apresa

When you choose to archive recordings on the Apresa, you’ll need:
• Virtual V-Tap
• Apresa
• WinPcap or Win10Pcap (driver)
• One license for upload to Apresa

In this case, download the Virtual V-Tap and buy a license for upload to Apresa from us.

The Virtual V-Tap captures VoIP data from the IP network and sends this, in this case, to the Call Recorder Apresa. The Apresa is a versatile and multi-channel call recorder running on a Linux server. It is designed to handle a large number of telephone calls at the same time. The web interface of the Apresa is shown below.