Privacy Policy for the Vidicode Call Recorder App for Android

The Call Recorder Application is provided as part of Vidicode Call Recording Service. The service records phone calls and stores the recorded calls optionally on a Vidicode cloud server (the Apresa server) or on one of the public cloud servers Dropbox or Google Drive.

For the Apresa server, the recorded calls are available by using the Vidicode web interface. Please note that the recorded calls will not be transferred to the storage server if the phone has no data connection (WiFi or mobile data). Recorded calls will be transferred as soon as the phone recover data connection.

Lawful Call Recording

Any individual or organization using telephone call recording, should obtain legal information on call recording in his/hers country or seek advice from a local attorney. Vidicode does not accept any liability for the use of this call recording service.

User Privacy

The Call Recorder App needs the follow permissions on your phone:


Reading the phone state is needed to start and stop recordings.

The recorded audio is stored locally on your phone and is optionally sent to a cloud service, which can be an Apresa server or DropBox or Google Drive. Sending data over the internet is done secure with SSL. No other data then the recorded calls is passed to the cloud service. A recorded call includes the phone numbers of the local and remote party. Delivering data to a cloud service means that the privacy rules of such a service apply further on.

Getting accounts in your phone is needed to be able to use DropBox or Google Drive.

Reading the contacts in your phone is only used to show the contacts with pictures and names in the list of recorded calls.

The recorded call data is the property of the user.
Vidicode has no access to the recorded data and Vidicode does not share your personal information with others.

Change of Privacy Policy

It is possible that we change this Privacy Policy and therefore advise you to review the Privacy Policy from time to time. In case of big changes in this Privacy Policy you will be informed about it and asked to agree again.

Last update: 5 May 2017 (WIP)