V-Tap VoIP


Your telephone recordings stored and forwarded

The V-Tap VoIP is a hardware and software solution for the recording of telephone calls that are transported over an IP network. The supplied hardware unit filters the network traffic, wraps the sniffed data into a special tunnel-format and stores it onto an SD card. The V-Tap VoIP can operate therefore stand-alone. The captured data can then be sent back over the network to an external server. This server can be a Call Recorder Apresa (running on Linux) or by the V-Archive software (running on a Windows PC). The external Apresa recorder or V-Archive software can both interpret the Tunnel-format and make playable audio files from it, together with the original date, time and call number information (meta-data).

By default, the V-Tap VoIP functions as a normal switch that allows 4 Ethernet connections. This makes it possible to connect 3 VoIP phones directly and use one port for connection to the network. It is also possible to connect the output of another switch, when more than 3 phones must be recorded. A VoIP phone can also be a softphone running on a PC; recording is then achieved by simply wiring the PC’s network through the V-Tap VoIP. Port mirroring is done internally.

In the case that no SD card is inserted, the sniffed data is sent live over the network to the Apresa recorder or V-Archive software.
With an SD card inserted, the sniffed data is stored as files on the card. Depending on whether a Tunnel has been defined or not, the files are sent over the network or can be read later by the V-Archive software.
By using the SD card (FAT32 formatted), the V-Tap VoIP can operate completely stand-alone and can store data for weeks or even months, depending on the capacity of the card.

The internal settings of the V-Tap can be accessed through a web interface by any browser.

There are three models, the V-Tap VoIP 1/2/3. The VoIP 1/2 have 100 Mbps Ethernet ports, the upcoming VoIP 3 has 1000 Mbps (Gigabit) ports. The VoIP 2/3 further have extra proxy modes for recording (see manual). The VoIP 3 becomes available in the near future.




FRITZ!Box telephone call recording including DECT phones using the V-Tap VoIP

V-Tap VoIP is able to record all telephone calls from any phone connected to the FRITZ!Box, regardless of the type of telephone: VoIP, Analog, ISDN, DECT and wireless LAN. Read more…