V-Tap VoIP


Your telephone recordings stored and forwarded

The V-Tap VoIP is a hardware and software solution for the recording of telephone calls that are transported over an IP network. The supplied hardware unit sniffs the digital data coming from external IP telephones and can copy the data back to the network or stores the data directly onto an SD card. In both cases the data is wrapped into a special Tunnel-format that can be received by the Call Recorder Apresa (running on Linux) or by the V-Archive software (running on a Windows PC). The external Apresa recorder or V-Archive software can both interpret the Tunnel-format and make playable audio files from it, together with the original date, time and call number information.



FRITZ!Box telephone call recording including DECT phones using the V-Tap VoIP

V-Tap VoIP is able to record all telephone calls from any phone connected to the FRITZ!Box, regardless of the type of telephone: VoIP, Analog, ISDN, DECT and wireless LAN. Read more…