productsVSPri_lightbox Espero is a voice server for ISDN BRI and ISDN PRI. It provides all common voice services used by telephone systems.
Automated Call Attendant – This offers the caller a selection of numbers to connect to, or a selection of languages, or just provides spoken information.
Call Transfer and Call Queue – When stations are busy the Espero can create a queue of callers. The caller will be informed about the progress that he or she makes in the queue. In between callers can listen to music or spoken information.
Voice Mail – When stations are not manned or busy, Espero can record voice mails and send them by email. Users of Espero can have immediate access to their voice mail by just dialling in with their (mobile) phones.
Call Logging and Call Statistics – Quite often it is unknown how many calls remain unanswered and how they are distributed over departments or times of the day. Statistics offered by Espero are an important tool to help optimize customers service.
The Vidicode IVR solution
People calling you will get a quick reaction, can be transferred to free employees, can leave personal voice mail messages and the system will provide them with information. This all of course only when, if and how YOU want this to happen.

The Voice Server is designed with accessibility in mind. It will pick up the phone immediately. It will take a message and make sure it is delivered. If lines are temporarily busy it keeps callers in an intelligent waiting queue telling them where they are in the queue and use the time to inform them about your products or services. This could prevent customers from taking their business elsewhere.

Because the Espero is action driven, you can setup the system with the following parameters in mind: What number is the caller trying to reach and when does he do so. The incomingVoice Response Espero desktop number list and the time schedule are the two foremost tools you can use to setup a Voice Server exactly the way you want it.

Optional Call Recording
Since the Voice Servers Espero are directly related to the Vidicode Call Recorders it is possible to upgrade the units to also record telephone calls, making them the ideal tool for not only directing your telephone traffic, but allowing to monitor the quality of the conversations too.

Vidicode Voice Servers
For telephone systems on ISDN basic rate and ISDN primary rate lines Voice Servers are central voice systems connected between the public telephone network and the telephone system. Their purpose is to add functionality to the telephone system. The major advantage of the Vidicode Voice Servers is that they are independent of the make and characteristics of the PBX. Voice Servers thereforeproductsVSISDN2_lightbox are easy to install and to use. The Voice Servers made by Vidicode are a unique answer to all automation needs on ISDN telephone systems. They offer a range of functionalities that will greatly enhance the capacity of your existing PBX, providing efficient solutions at an affordable price.

The Espero is available in a desktop or (optional) 19″ model:

– The Voice Server Espero  BRI 4 channels, desktop model  (Article no. 030.02210)
– The Voice Server Espero BRI 8 channels, desktop model  (Article no. 030.02212)
Optional 19″ professional rack mount product housing (Article no: 030.02086)

– The Voice Server Espero  PRI 16 channels, 19″ rack model only (Article no. 030.2410)
– The Voice Server Espero PRI 30 channels, 19″ rack model only (Article no. 030.02412)


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