Skype for Business (formerly MS Lync) is a system for unified communication developed by Microsoft. Vidicode has developed Skype for Business recording to fill the demand to have a professional Skype for Business call recording solution in a cost efficient package.

Although you can record a meeting with Skype for Business (so you can listen to an online meeting later), recording a “one on one” call is not really possible for a normal user without the help of third party applications like our Call Recorder APRESA. It is however this type of Skype for Business call recording this is most important for organisations like financial institutions like banks or most other organisations that want or need Skype for Business recording.

Because Skype for Business also uses a non-standard audio coded called RT-audio, the number of recording solutions that are able to record all Skype for Business communication is fairly low. Vidicode invested in buying the RT-audio technology license and has implemented not only the RT-audio, but also implemented the possibility to decrypt the Skype for Business protocol.

When the Skype for Business system does not use RT-audio as a codec, recording will work without additional licenses. If RT-audio is used and needs to be recorded the APRESA should be fitted with the optional RT-audio decoding licenses. If you need more information about Skype for Business recording please contact the Vidicode sales department. No doubt we can find a fitting solution for your recording need.

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