Voice logging is the practice of regularly or always recording telephone conversations. Businesses and organisations that often use voicelogging include sectors like public safety and emergency response systems (e.g. police, ambulance services and fire brigade). But also customer service call centres and commercial call centres (conversations are recorded for quality assurance purposes and / or to prove a sale has been agreed). Furthermore recording is used often in the financial sector (e.g. telephone-initiated stock trades are recorded for compliance purposes).

Although voice logging is usually performed on conventional telephone lines, it is also frequently used for recording open microphones and for recording radio traffic. Especially in the public safety market and emergency response sector, the recording of radio traffic is usually equally important compared to recording telephone conversations. Of course the first thing to do is to establish if there is a need for voicelogging in your organisation. The easiest way to do so, is to compare your organisation to others in the same sector and check if they are using recording in their organisation. Vidicode has years of experience in this market and can direct you to information about this. Another way to check if voice logging is something your business can benefit from, is to check what communication streams are coming into your company. Chances are high you will be amazed how much decisions are made via telephone calls and how much there is to learn and save by using voicelogging as standard tool in your business.



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