A voice logger, also often referred to as “call recorder” is standalone device or a software solutions to record and playback telephone conversations. Many types of voice loggers are available and serve all kinds of purposes.

As said previously the main purposes of a voice logger is to record and playback telephone conversations. However voice loggers are also used to record radio traffic. Radio traffic is obviously commonly used in organisations that deal with security and it is therefore logical to also record this type of communication. Most Vidicode loggers are therefore also suited to connect audio input from radio base stations.

Which recording unit should be used?

The question which type of recorder should be used depends largely on the significance of the recording. If the recordings made are crucially important, because of high security issues or possible large financial consequences, you should choose a recording solution that is not depending on user action to start recording. In that case voice loggers should be chosen that work fully automatic and will capture all calls without the need for any action. If however the purpose of recording calls is less crucial, the need for so called “high availability” is also less. In that case other issues like privacy and giving the user a choice in what to record becomes equally important. A voice logger suited to be controlled by software or other user interaction is then suited for the purpose. Whichever solution you prefer, you can be assured Vidicode will be able to supply a fitting one for your organisation.



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