Araña is a PC and server application to provide access to recordings and faxes of Vidicode devices.

In the user interface you can search for recordings and faxes, view faxes and play recordings. Statistics are presented as tables and graphs. Araña can also be used to backup recordings and faxes.


The software can be run and installed as a Windows Service for unattended operation (recommended). It is also possible to run Araña as a normal application.

User interface
Araña provides an interface in the form of web pages. To access the web interface only a browser is needed, and therefore it can be accessed from Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

Control Panel
Configure Araña in the Araña Control Panel. In the Devices tab you can define from which device the data must be downloaded. This can be either Call Recorders, Fax Servers or Voice Servers or a combination of devices. In the Web Users list, the users, their visibility scope, and their permissions can be specified.

Araña comes in two versions:
• 070.01450 – Araña Single user: The web interface is available to one user at a time.
• 070.01452 – Araña Multi user: The web interface is available to more than one user at a time.

The Araña software receives data from a.o. the following Vidicode devices:
• Call Recorder ISDN II
• Call Recorder ISDN PRI (Araña Single User included)
• Call Recorders Single II and Single Digital
• Call Recorders Quarto and Octo
• Voice Server Espero PRI
• Fax Server Uno, Octo and Quarto
• Fax Servers ISDN II (BRI) and PRI

Araña Software


Araña Manual