cr_single_digitalSingle Digital SD2750

This digital TDM / ISDN Call Recorder can be used on UP0 protocols like Siemens, Avaya, Philips, Aastra DETEWE protocol and on ISDN. The Digital SD2750 has an internal flash disk and a network connection. The Single Digital also has an optional SD card and archiving software. The Single Digital with the SD card option activated is Siemens certified. It has been tested by Siemens on their Hipath 3000 and 4000 communication systems and passed all tests.

The certification was initiated by Speech Enterprise GmbH, a company that is one of Vidicode’s German distributors. Speech Enterprise GmbH sells the Call Recorder Single Digital 2750 as ‘fileACall Office Digital’.

The test reports Hipath 3000 and Hipath 4000 can be downloaded under “More Info”.

Optional Software

Call Recorder Access software
AranaCallDatabaseThe solution to manage massive recording databases
Direct playback on the PC from remote recorders
Presents graphical analyses of call data

Araña web interface

Araña is an interface in the form of web pages. The data and recordings on the Recorder can be accessed through this web application. Use Araña to access the Recorder, download recordings, send them by e-mail or make a full back up.



The Call Recorder Single Digital is equipped with an IC Card reader. Using the CryptoCard, available as an option, the recordings can be encrypted. Without a corresponding CryptoCard and pin code the encrypted recordings cannot be played back. This is not only a professional way to protect the calls, but is especially useful to protect the privacy of the people involved.


• 16 GB internal flash disk
• Optional removable SD card
• Network connection
• Internal speaker
• Optional Quick SD Access software
• Optional encryption

• Power: 90-264V ~ 50/60Hz
• Ambient temperature: 0 – 40 ºC
• Size: 26 x 19 x 5,5 cm
• Weight: 1000 grams
• Recording formats: GSM 6.10 – 13kbps G.711

• Power: 10V DC
• Telecom: 2 x RJ45 (in-out) for UP0 and S0
• Headset: 2 x 3,5mm Jack
• Ethernet: 10-BASE-T / 100-BASE-T RJ45 UTP
• Serial: MiniDIN 8P Female RS232
• Switch: 3,5mm mini-jack / 8 p miniDIN
• CryptoCard reader (front)

Technical approvals
• CE: 55022/55024
• Safety: EN 609050