Whether you are a call centre agent communicating with customers, an organisation subject to governmental oversight and regulation or a manager looking to train employees on how best to answer client inquiries, the need for phone recording continues to grow. Phonerecording systems enable users to record a conversation for a variety of purposes, including quality monitoring, meeting compliance regulations and training and coaching agents. For example, some organisations use phone recording to safeguard and track information and some use it to make sure agents are handling client inquiries and requests properly, whether by company standards or regulation requirements.

Phone recording differs from other call monitoring technologies, such as call logging and call tracking, which record call details but not conversations. Recording conversations, when legal, can have a positive effect on business outcomes. The solutions Vidicode offers are tailored to fit each and every specific need. We offer phonerecording systems for small, intermediate and large companies or organisations. Our solutions fit almost any budget, starting from one line recorders to systems that can record thousands of calls simultaneously. Vidicode can also help to identify the places in your organisation that can benefit most from phonerecording. We will not only advise where, but we will also honestly advise on which solution is best to use in your specific situation, even if that means it leads us to a one hundred Euro (or less) sale. Call or mail us today!



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