Is your company performing at its best when it comes to customer contact?

There is saying that goes like this: “Trust comes on foot, but leaves on horseback” What does that mean for your company?

When you do not guard and control the contacts your people have with your customers or clients it could be that a carefully built relationship is destroyed by non-kept promises or plain errors in communication. This is why many business rely on using phone recorders.

Support personnel, contact centre personnel, sales people. In short anyone who talks to your customers can use a phone recorder to ensure business integrity, prevent errors or comply with industry regulations that your business is obliged to follow. Overall, many companies are finding it is a smart idea to use phone recorders in order to reduce disputes about what has been said or what has been ordered and also to monitor compliance requirements that can put the organization at risk. Using a phone recorder will mean saving time and money. Recording all calls protects your business by providing an indisputable record of each transaction. Vidicode manufactures phone recorders and is an expert on giving advice about the type of recorder needed for your situation. Vidicode can supply enterprise wide recording solutions, but we are just as good in providing a phone recorder for a single desk. So whatever the reason, or whatever the budget, try us and see if we are worth your trust. We will work hard to fulfil your expectations.



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