On the Apresa documentation page, many important Apresa features are briefly discussed.
See VoIP recording with Apresa for supported PBXs.
See also the Apresa help pages.
Available on request
Apresa in general
Apresa Base Software Installer (ZIP)
Apresa Base Software Quick Guide EN (PDF)
Apresa – Installation on existing Debian machine (PDF)
Apresa – Forwarding service (PDF)

PBX specific documents
Apresa – Mitel MX-One – CSTA Active
Apresa – Mitel MX-One – CSTA Passive on VoIP Trunk
Apresa – Recording from Mitel MiVoice Business
Apresa – Avaya DMCC Recording
Apresa – Avaya Active Recording
Apresa – Unify OpenScape 4000 – CSTA – Silent Monitoring
Apresa – Unify OSV V9 – CSTA Active
Apresa – Unify OSB & 4000 – CSTA Passive on VoIP Trunk
Apresa – Unify (all) – CSTA Passive on VoIP Trunk
Apresa – Configure Apresa for Teams recording
Apresa – Managing your own Teams Recorder Bot
Apresa – TeamsBot Tenant API