PlaatjeCallIn many situations occurring in everyday business life, you do not want to forget what was said and by whom. As it is often hardly possible to make accurate notes during telephone conversations, call recording is the ideal solution.

Recordings may start automatically or manually. The recording is stored on a hard disk together with additional data like, time, date, incoming and outgoing call numbers, duration of the call etc. Vidicode has Call Recorders available for almost any possible application. Whether it is for a single line or telephone, or to record the complete telecommunication of an organisation, we and our specialised dealers will guide you to the best solution for your company’s needs.

Reliable solutions
Most Vidicode Call Recorders work completely stand-alone, the Call Recorders have their own internal storage and work independent of a PC.

What is the most suitable call recorder for your situation? On these pages we look at:

• Telephony protocol (VoIP, Analog, digital, ISDN)
• Internal storage (SD, harddisk)
• Capacity (1 telephone line, 4 lines, 8 lines, 100+ lines)
• Special requirements (DECT, headsets, soft phones)

Recording VoIP phones
Recording Analog phones
Recording TDM (digital) phones
Recording Headsets
Recording Softphones
Call recording for DECT phones
Recording ISDN BRI
Recording ISDN PRI



Call Recorders for VoIP

Call Recorder Apresa V-Tap VoIP
Storage on SD card
Call Recorder VoIP
Storage on PC



Call Recorders for Analog Lines

Call Recorder Pico
Call Recorder Apresa V-Tap Analog
Storage on SD card
Call Recorder Pico
Storage on PC



Call Recorders for ISDN

Call Recorder Apresa Call Recorder PRI V-Tap BRI
Storage on PC



Software for call recording

OYGO plaatje website72
Virtual V-Tap
Software to record VoIP telephony
For CR VoIP, Virtual V-Tap and all V-Taps
Call Recorder Oygo
Software for Headsets