Vidicode Solutions

PlaatjeCallCall Recording
As the saying goes: ”A spoken word is like a moment in time, as quickly as it is said, it is forgotten”. In many situations occurring in everyday business life, you do not want to forget what was said and by whom. As it is often hardly possible to make accurate note’s during telephone conversations Call Recording is the ideal solution.


PlaatjeFaxFax Solutions
Vidicode sells fax solutions, not faxes. Although e-mail becomes more and more important, fax traffic still is indispensable for most organisations. Because fax traffic is much more reliable than e-mail and a fax is a legally admissable document, this way of communicating is here to stay. However, integration of faxes and e-mail combines the speed and ease of e-mailing with the advantages of faxing. This is exactly what Vidicode fax solutions are all about. The best of both worlds.


PlaatjeVoiceResVoice Response
A Vidicode Voice Server or Annoucer can be the solution for telephone accessibility problems. Many businesses and public institutions are hard to reach. Clients may not try again, call another company, file a complaint and your businesses service levels could be disputed. A simple change in the way the company’s telephones are answered could change this situation for the better. Vidicode Voice Server and Announcer solutions offer this possibility, without the need to make changes in your organisations telecom structure.