vcSetup is a PC application for remotely configuring and changing settings for
• Call Recorders
• Fax Servers
• Voice Servers.

vcSetup is a multi function software tool. vcUpdater is build into it, so you can also use vcSetup to update your products firmware. Please note that you will need an internet connection to download and update the firmware. The software can detect the type of Vidicode device, and upload the appropriate firmware files to the device through a network connection.

Operating system

Windows 7, 8, and 10

Vidicode devices compatible with vcSetup

Call Recorders: FeaturePhone 175 SD, Call Recorder Single II, Call Recorder Octo and Quarto, Call Recorder Single Digital, Call Recorder ISDN II, Call Recorder PRI
Fax Servers: Fax Server Uno, Fax Server Octo and Quarto, Fax Server ISDN BRI, Fax Server ISDN PRI
Voice Servers: Voice Server Anuncio, Voice Server Espero


Download vcSetup from the software page.
Install vcSetup on a PC.

Using vcSetup

vcSetup is used to create settings in Vidicode devices with a network interface.

Vidicode devices act as FTP server. vcSetup retrieves the device settings by downloading the settings from the device. In vcSetup the settings can be altered and then uploaded to the device again. Resetting the device from the menu will bring the new settings into effect.

vcSetup is used in the following chain of events if you want to change the settings of a device:
· Download the current settings from a device to vcSetup
· Change the settings using vcSetup
· Upload the new settings to the device
· Reset the device to activate the new settings

vcSetup can be used to change the time setting on Vidicode devices. vcSetup can also be used to check the software version on the device and if possible update the software.

Download Settings from a Device

To download the current settings of a device, select menu File, “Download settings from a device…”. Fill in IP Address device, FTP Username and FTP Password of the Vidicode device.

IP Address device can be the IP number or IP name. The IP Address is saved in the drop-box. When connecting again to the device it can be selected from the drop-box. When a device has been selected the Name is filled in automatically. For safety reasons the Password need to be entered manually.

Changing Settings of Device

The vcSetup application can be used to configure several different Vidicode call recorders and fax servers with an ethernet interface. Therefore the settings will appear different for each kind of device. This means every device can have a different layout of tab-pages and drop-boxes.

Please refer to your device manual for a description of the settings.

To save the settings on your local harddisk choose File in the menu and select Save As.
A dialog will open where the settings file can be given a name and a location can be selected where to save the file.
Setting files have the extension *.vc.

To restore the settings from your local harddisk choose File in the menu and select Open. A dialog will open where the settings file can be selected where you saved the file. Select the settings file and click Open.

When settings have been changed they need to be transferred back to the recorder. How this is done is described in the paragrpah “Upload settings”.

Upload Settings to a Device

When you are done making the settings, the new settings need to be uploaded to the device. Choose Tools in the menu and select Upload settings to a device. A dialog opens where you can enter the connection setting. Fill in IP Address device, FTP Username and FTP Password of the Vidicode device. Click ok if you want to upload the settings. The settings will be transferred to the recorder. To active the settings, the device must be reset.

Reset a Device

After the new settings have been uploaded to the device, the device needs to be reset for the new settings to take effect. A device can be reset remotely as follows: Choose Tools in the menu and select Reset a device. Then follows a dialog where you can confirm or change the connection settings. Fill in IP Address device, FTP Username and FTP Password of the Vidicode device. Click ok.

Please note that resetting a device has the following effect:
· For Call Recorders: All active recordings are stopped.
· For Fax Servers: Active fax connections are lost.
· For Voice Servers: Active telephone connections might be lost.

Note: After the reset command, a dialog box will appear, giving you the option to download the new settings from the device. When you click No, no data will be downloaded to vcSetup.

Update Device Software

vcSetup can also be used to update the software on the devices. For this vcSetup needs to retrieve the software version of the device and compare that to the current software version on the Vidicode webserver. After comparison vcSetup will come up with a dialog, that shows the differences between the current version and the latest version.

Click Do Update to execute the Update. vcSetup will now connect to the Vidicode webserver to retrieve the update. When finished downloading vcSetup will transfer the update to the recorder. Normally, the software can activate the update automatically.

The Menu of vcSetup

The menu has the following entries:

Download settings from a device : Connect to a device and download its current settings. A dialog is displayed for entering the IP address.
Open : Load the settings from a saved file. A dialog is displayed to select the file to load.
Save As : Save the settings to a file on disk. A dialog is displayed to specify where to save the file.
Close : Exit the software

Upload settings to a device : Connect to a device and upload the current settings from the PC to the device. A dialog is displayed for entering the IP address.
Date and Time : Set the date and time on the device.
Reset a device : Reset a device remotely (to activate changed settings). A dialog is displayed for entering the IP address.

Contents : Open the vcSetup help.
Check for device update : Check for updates for the firmware of a device on the Vidicode web server. A dialog is displayed for entering the IP address.
Device Version : Displays the device version of the last device from which was downloaded.
Check for Update of vcSetup : Checks if there is an update for this program (vcSetup), and provides an option to download and install it.
About : Displays the version number of vcSetup


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