Recording a Cisco Call Manager can be done by two Vidicode solutions:

The first one, the Call Recorder VoIP can do Cisco recording on a single Cisco telephone or a combination of up to four telephones (depending on how the system is connected and the number of channel licenses you buy for Cisco call recording.)

The second solution for Cisco recording is the Call Recorder APRESA. This system is able to record and monitor hundreds of calls if needed. Especially for Cisco call recording the APRESA is fitted with the possibility to use “active recording” instead of the more common “passive recording” function.

Although both methods can be used for Cisco recording, active recording makes it a lot easier usually to manage and control what should be recorded. Even remote sites can easily be recorded when using the active recording mode. Active recording (as the name implies) relies on the active participation of the recorder in the complete solution. For active Cisco call recording, the call manager will be told which phones need to be recorded and will actively stream the data to the APRESA recorder. This means there is no need to passive (and often massive) port mirroring, but only phones that need to be recorded send their data to the APRESA. APRESA not only records the conversation but also logs the phone numbers and other available data, presenting a supervisor or administrator with a complete overview of the communication. This allows for free-seating solutions while still keeping track of the agents.

Call Recorder Apresa