Call Recording is the technology to record telephone calls and is becoming increasingly important for many organisations and business. It is therefore used more and more in daily business. There are many forms of callrecording being used. The most common form is by the means of Call Recorder devices or recording software running on a PC or Server.

Why is Call Recording used in organisations?

These are the main reasons:

Compliance to regulations : e.g. because the organisation has an obligation to record.
Training: Call centres and contact centres are using callrecording to train their staff
Accuracy: Organisations use recording to prevent errors in for instance orders received by telephone
Security: It is of course used to enhance security
Verification: As a verification tool in phone transactions the recordings are of unsurpassed value.
Quality Control: After training, recording calls is the best way to check if the quality of communication is maintained.

Is it legal?

The legality of callrecording can differ from country to country. In many cases however it is legal if one of the parties involved (normally the one that has a recording solution) knows the recording is done. In other countries however you may have to inform the other party that you record by giving an automated announcement or simply by telling the other party that you will record. Of course we advise to always check the local regulations before implementing your Call Recording solution