A Vidicode Call Recorder is device developed with one purpose in mind: To record calls as efficiently and reliably as possible.

But what is a callrecorder exactly and for what purposes are people and organisations using call recorders ?

What is a Call Recorder?

Call Recorders can be divided into two main groups:

In the first group you see the single channel callrecorder. In most cases a these units are used by one person in an organisation, however it is also not unusual to see many single channel units being used in one organisation.

The second group are the multi-channel recording systems. They are fitted for use in intermediate and larger applications.

Single channel call recorders are either complete appliances, or a combination of a hardware interface plus specialised PC software. In the first case the call recorder is a complete system to connect to the telephone and record and store. These call recorders are ideal machines to record the calls in a reliable and automated manner. Since no PC’s are needed for storage the solution is not vulnerable to user error of software bugs. So a complete callrecorder device can be seen as the most reliable way to record. In the case of the hardware interface plus software, it is the PC software that does the actual recording and the interface connects the PC with the telephone. The advantage of this is that the cost can be kept low. Because of the fact that the storage and processor capacity of the PC is used, the recording interface can be designed very economically.


Stand alone call recorders

Call Recorder Apresa V-Tap Analog V-Tap VoIP



Other call recorders

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