A Vidicode call recorder is device developed with one purpose in mind: To record calls as efficiently and reliably as possible.

We offer single channel call recorders and multi-channel recorders. In most cases single channel recorders are used by one person in an organisation, however it is also not unusual to see many single channel units being used in one organisation. Multi-channel recording systems are fitted for use in intermediate and larger applications.

Stand-alone recorders with hard disk storage
A call recorder can be a complete appliance with an internal hard disk. This is a very reliable and automated way to record and play calls, completely independent from any PC (software). An example of this is the Call Recorder Single II (one analog channel) or Call Recorder Apresa (a large and versatile call recording solution).

Stand-alone recorders with SD card storage
V-Taps and V-Mics are stand-alone recorders with internal SD cards. They provide an automated way to record calls unattended. It is recommended to upload the recordings to the PC or to Call Recorder Apresa. The recordings can be played on the PC using V-Archive or in the Apresa web interface.

Call recorders as hardware interfaces
Another type of call recorder is the combination of a hardware interface plus specialised PC software. The recorder is a device connected to the telephone and to the PC, showing up in Windows as an audio device. Software, running on the Windows PC during the call, will store the recordings on the hard disk of the PC. The Call Recorder Pico is an example of this.

Call recording software
Call recorder Oygo is Windows software. It records from soft phones and headsets. With an additional license, screen recording is possible. Recordings are stored on the PC where Oygo is installed on. It is also possible to upload the recordings to Apresa.

Central call recording database
Apresa is an economical solution to record hundreds of calls simultaneously, and also a convenient central database for recorded calls made by other Vidicode call recorders.



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