Call Logging is not the same thing as Call Recording, however the two are related because of the technology and the fact that a Call Recorder usually also is a perfect call logger.

The goal of call logging is to interpret CDR (call detail record) data such as date & time, telephone numbers, duration of the call and all other detectable data and produce graphical and summarizing reports. This data is then used to analyse the use of the telephone lines, efficiency of the communication and analysing the load on system resources. In general, reports made by a call logger can highlight such areas as:

Cost Control – cost of calls, cost of trunk lines, costs by department or individual extension, number of unused extensions, etc. This information can also be used to discover telephone fraud.

Performance Management – looks at how long it is taking an organisation to answer phone calls by operator, department or extension and demonstrates whether they meet acceptable target levels for that organisation.

Capacity Management – judges whether the system is being over or under utilised. It examines trunk usage and call patterns that show where extra capacity is required or where cost savings can be achieved.

QoS Reporting – modern VoIP PBXs are able to output quality of service data in addition to standard CDR data. An up to date call logging software package should be able to include this data along with its other reports to help monitor and improve system performance. Vidicode supplies various Call Recorders and Voice Servers that can be used as call logger.


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