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Green Solutions

Using a Fax Server rather than a Fax machine generates a saving on energy costs of about 70%.

While on standby Vidicode Fax Servers use 5 to 9W, recording 8 to 12W, depending on the type

Typical fax machines have a power consumption of about 25W. The total power consumption of a typical PC and monitor is about 175W, while "sleeping" it consumes 3W.


VoIP, TDM and Analogue

Call Recorder Apresa

The Vidicode Call Recorder Apresa is a Turn-key, Scalable Call Recording solution ideal for SMB organizations.

It is an affordable and professional Analogue, VoIP and/ or TDM recording system.

The Apresa can capture, store, retrieve and playback VoIP/SIP, TDM and Analogue telephone communication.

It delivers high quality recordings for a multitude of applications.

Apresa is also available as 'Software only' solution.



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Single II release

It is with pride that Vidicode announces the Call Recorder Single II. This modernised version of the popular Call Recorder Single is now available and will be replacing the eaarlier HD9900, CD 300 and Flash 5 / 10 models with optional CDrecorder . There are two basic models Single II: "Flash 10" and "HD9900", both with SDcard option.

The appearance of the Call Recorder Single II is purposely kept largely similar to the previous model, in order not to harm the reputation and ease of use of the solution.
Call Recorder Single II

What has changed?

1. The SD interface option
This option (introduced in the Single Digital) replaces the CD recorder as a backup and exchange medium. Both models of the new Single II, Flash10 and HD9900 can be equipped with the SD interface.
The package includes the SD card interface, an SD card and special SD Access Software.

2. Storage capacity
Single II Flash 10 now has up to 10 hours of standard flash memory and the HD9900 up to over 20,000 hours.

3. Recording quality
The standard recording quality the Single II uses, is twice as high as the previous model. In addition, there is the uncompressed High Quality .wav recording feature.

Other options remain the same; the archiving software through the LAN (kown as CRAS), the additional security with CryptoCards, recording from a microphone, etc.

Also check the Single II product page.